As the story goes, Lilli Lewis should never have been. Before she was born, Lewis’ mother was told her baby probably wouldn’t survive due to lung trouble, so the fact that Lewis now makes a living singing with those same lungs is a gift she never takes for granted. Lewis uses her voice to bring what she calls sacred songs into profane spaces, and though she’s abandoned trying to define her sound, she hopes her audiences leave shows knowing two things: that they are brilliant as they are, and that they have the ability to use that brilliance to make a better world.

Lewis’ band LLP is more than a band. It’s a pan-generational cult of radical decency that delivers heart throbbing, earnest rock and soul that “makes you want to put your hands in the air, shout hallelujah and shake your booty for the rest of the night, with enough energy to power a large city.” Jamie Anderson,

Lewis is said to have “Sister Rosetta Tharpe’s virtuoso commitment to her instrument and Odetta’s vocal power, creating a show that is a force of nature.” The regular lineup is a cosmic swarm of fellow idealist music nerds: Wade Hymel (Dash Rip Rock), Ryan Murray (Marina Orchestra, Bloco Jacare), Ole Oddlokken (Noisewater) and master composer / virtuoso bassist Dr. Jimbo Walsh. Willing to traverse any musical terrain, LLP bears the spirit of days when everyone still believed music could change the world.